7 Myths about Slot machines

Remember, when it comes to slot machines, luck is the only factor at play – dispelling these myths is the first step to responsible gambling


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Common myths

We’re here to debunk the popular myths that have been circulating for years, shedding light on the truth behind each one. Join us on this journey to gain a clearer perspective on how slot machines truly operate

  1. “Hot” and “Cold” Machines: This myth suggests that certain slot machines are “hot” (more likely to pay out) or “cold” (less likely to pay out). In reality, slot machines operate on random number generators, making each spin independent and not influenced by past results.
  2. “Near Miss” Theory: Some believe that when a player almost wins, they are closer to hitting a jackpot. In truth, each spin is entirely independent, and near misses have no impact on the outcome of subsequent spins.
  3. “Time of Day” Myth: This myth suggests that the time of day influences the likelihood of winning. However, as modern slot machines operate using random number generators, the time of day has no impact on the odds of winning.
  4. “Playing Credits” Myth: Some players believe that using credits instead of coins or cash impacts the likelihood of winning. However, the method of payment does not affect the outcome of the game, as each spin is determined by the random number generator.
  5. “Loose Slots” Myth: This myth implies that certain slot machines are set to pay out more frequently than others. While casinos may have different payout percentages for various machines, this is a strategic decision by the casino and not an inherent quality of the machines themselves.
  6. “Casino Manipulation” Myth: Some believe that casinos can manipulate the odds or payouts of slot machines. In reality, casinos adhere to strict regulations and standards, and slot machines are regularly tested to ensure fairness and compliance with gaming regulations.
  7. “Patterns” Myth: Some players look for patterns in the symbols appearing on the reels, thinking that they can predict the next outcome. However, slot machines operate based on random number generators, making any patterns or predictability impossible.


Understanding these myths is crucial for responsible gambling, as they can lead to unrealistic expectations and potentially harmful behavior. It’s important to approach slot machines with the understanding that their outcomes are entirely random and based on chance.